CISCRPCenter for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation
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CISCRP provides free education and outreach to the general public and patient communities.
Hosted on the CISCRP website, "Speak Out, But Speak Smart" brings to life the implications of such conversations through choose-your-own-ending animations.
Until now, there has not been one easy-to-use, relevant and comprehensive online resource for people seeking clinical research information," said Roni Thaler, president of CISCRP.
The results of the global research conducted by CISCRP were released at a half-day, invitation-only seminar sponsored by iCTRS for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Princeton, NJ.
Contact: Ellyn Getz, CISCRP Phone: 617-725-2750 aware@ciscrp.
Ultimately, CISCRP hopes to empower patients to make more informed decisions about clinical research.
The non-profit CISCRP launched a groundbreaking program to ensure that the results of clinical trials are shared with the study volunteers who make research possible.
This track, organized in conjunction with Ken Getz of CISCRP and Rebecca Kush of CDISC, brings together a superb pool of experts who will share their experiences in planning, integrating, implementing and managing a variety of e-clinical research solutions.
Acurian will be hosting a Webinar on December 1, 2004 entitled, "The Need to Educate Study Volunteers - A Public Health Issue," featuring guest speaker Ken Getz from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development and CISCRP.
CISCRP provides a variety of services designed to assist research stakeholders in (1) understanding public/patient attitudes and experiences and (2) improving participant experiences and satisfaction.
Each trial will be delayed an average of five months due to lack of enrollment according to CISCRP.
Kenneth Getz, MBA Founder & Chairman, CISCRP Director of Sponsored Research