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CISDConroe Independent School District (Texas)
CISDCritical Incident Stress Debrief(ing)
CISDCarthage Independent School District (Texas)
CISDCenter for Innovation in Ship Design
CISDCompliance and Innovative Strategies Division (US Environmental Protection Agency)
CISDCommon Infrastructure and Service Delivery Review (Canada)
CISDComputer & Information Systems Department
CISDCommunications Internet Systems Division (Intel)
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The Division formed as the result of a March 2015 merger of ABM, an industry association focused on the entire B2B business model, and CISD, a division of SIIA that serves the business information community.
Research on CISD is useful but limited because it mainly deals with group debriefing provided several days to weeks after the traumatic event (Rauch, Hembree, & Foa, 2001).
Soldiers treated with Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy perform better on the PCL-M than soldiers in both the CBT group and the CISD group.
Modifications of the prompts in the CISD model for bereavement in the workplace.
CISD's initial challenges included connecting all campuses to the CISD technology center and then providing high-speed Internet access.
However, research into the effectiveness of CISD has produced results that are hard to interpret, with some research suggesting CISD has a beneficial impact, others reporting no effect, and still others indicating a negative outcome.
Concerns about CISD in particular and debriefing in general center around their emphasis on a single-session immediate intervention (within 24 to 72 hours) in which participants are encouraged to factually recount their traumatic experiences and to release and normalize their emotional reactions.
CISD addresses employee reactions to severe and traumatic workplace events such as employee suicide, homicide, and departmental restructuring by facilitating employees' ability to process traumatizing events so they can continue to function successfully in the workforce.
However, any employee who believes he or she or a coworker has been exposed to or experienced a traumatic experience should contact the chief psychologist or CISD team leader at his or her institution directly and provide details necessary to determine an appropriate activation response by the team.
Chad Callagham, CPP, CISD (certified lodging security director), is vice president of loss prevention for Marriott International in Washington, D.
The network is hoping to make the technique known as Critical Incident Stress Debriefing - CISD - available to everyone in the emergency services who need it.
CISD has been used in over 25 major disasters (Herman, 1982) including a 1984 tornado which leveled the town of Barneveld, Wisconsin.