CISDAConfederation of International Soft Drinks Associations (est. 1952)
CISDAComputational Intelligence in Security and Defense Applications (IEEE Symposium)
CISDACentro Interdipartimentale Servizi Didattici Architettura (Italian: Architecture Interdepartmental Teaching Services Centre)
CISDACoordinated Intervention System for Domestic Abuse (Nebraska)
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Using the definition of breakup and freeze-up for the CISDA data results in trends of-0.
2009) are at a 25 km grid resolution, and the CISDA data are 0.
The CISDA is a compilation of Canadian Ice Service regional weekly ice charts that integrate all available real-time information about sea ice gathered from various satellite sensors, aerial reconnaissance, ship reports, operational model results, and the expertise of experienced ice forecasters.
The CISDA delineates polygons of similar ice conditions using the egg code: each polygon is given a total sea-ice concentration composed of up to three partial sea-ice concentrations by type (/lOths).
Despite this, the CISDA has been found sufficiently accurate for time series analyses (e.