CISDSCombat Identification System for the Dismounted Soldier
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The primary purpose of CISD is to evaluate the impact of a specific traumatic event or series of events on personnel.
PASS staff are obligated only to report that employees have complied with attending the CISD session.
The following is a list of DCSO's criteria for CISD referrals, although it should be noted that each department should make their own criteria:
When developing a support services policy, an agency must include a procedure for CISD referrals.
Resiliency management is similar to the CISD, but it eliminates components of traditional debriefings, such as reliving graphic details and pathologizing, and replaces them with approaches designed to encourage natural recovery mechanisms and relationships of support.
Typically, our CISD teams have four members--a clinical director, a mental health support worker and two line staff.
Before selection began, the facility's CISD Organizing Committee agreed on several characteristics of successful candidates:
Next, applicants were asked to measure their personal level of commitment to the CISD program.
Regardless of how many CISDs you've conducted in the past or the relative severity of the current one, always, always debrief with another professional after each session and give yourself space in between.
These are not CISDs, nor are they workplace trauma debriefings; they are meetings to talk about the death of (worker name) and are equally applicable to suicides, tragic deaths, and cases where someone succumbs to a long-term illness.
I have always felt, for example, that a critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) is designed strictly for police, fire, and emergency medical and mental health personnel who are in the forefront of crisis, trauma, and disaster response or who deal directly with the victims of such incidents.
When a tragedy befalls a regular workplace, it is not a critical incident nor is it appropriate to provide a CISD. Rather, this is trauma in the workplace, with far more dramatic impacts on those involved because--