CISETCommittee on International Science Engineering and Technology (USA FCCSET)
CISETCentro Internazionale di Studi e Ricerche Sull'Economia Turistica (Italian: International Center of Studies and Research on the Tourist Economy; Venice, Italy)
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And the priest who hears Ciset's confession is dazzled by a large donation to his church and compromised into collaborating with the solicitor who intends to profit to the extent possible from Ciset's estate.
One option that takes into account all three reports is for the STAS to play a greater role in coordination by appointment to a high-level position within OES as well as chairing a revived CISET. If Congress decides to establish DARI, the STAS might also play a leadership role there as well.
(5.) Engineering and Technology (CISET) Working Group on Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases.
Run by Christians in Solidarity with East Timor (CISET), it was set up in 1996 following attempts by the Australian government to deny asylum status to the 1,600 Timorese refugees who came in 1995.
* In 1995, the Committee on International Science, Engineering, and Technology (CISET) of the National Science and Technology Council recommended government-wide action to combat emerging infectious diseases.