CISFAComprehensive and Integrated Shelter Financing Act (Philippines)
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She explained that HB 4886 seeks to amend key provisions of Republic Act 7835 or the Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter Finance Act (CISFA) of 1994, to establish among others, a secondary mortgage market system to make long-term and affordable financing for housing purposes finally accessible for the millions of qualified low-income earners in need of a home even if they are not members of the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System, or the PAG-IBIG .
Moreover, it aims to establish a Centralized Home Financing Program that will be sourced out by tapping key fund sources that have already been identified by law, among them: RA 7835 or CISFA; RA 8282 or the amended SSS Charter; RA 8291 or the amended GSIS Charter; and RA 9679 or the new PAG-IBIG Fund Charter.
7279 of 1992 which addresses balanced housing, eviction, resettlement and relocation; and the Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter Finance Act (CISFA) of 1994 which provides the mechanism for continuous funding support for pro-poor housing.