CISGContracts for the International Sale of Goods (United Nations)
CISGConvention on International Sale of Goods (UN)
CISGConvention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods (international trade; UN)
CISGCentro Internazionale Studi Gentiliani (Italian: Gentili International Study Center; est. 1981; Italy)
CISGColloid and Interface Science Group (Royal Society of Chemistry; UK)
CISGCharging Issues Standing Group (electricity; National Grid; UK)
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CISG, aided by ConvaTec Malaysia, engaged in fraudulent practices on these projects by misrepresenting the commission amounts it had agreed to pay to its local agent in relation to two bids for contracts it received under the HNPSP and one bid for a contract it received under HSDP.
The electronics theme of the 7th MAA Achlechtriem CISG conference invited an opportunity to revisit the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in light of technological developments that have changed the world since the CISG was drafted.
Still, private contracting parties are able to contract around the CISG if they do so explicitly--hardly anything in it is mandatory.
Gordon, Some Thoughts on the Receptiveness of Contract Rules in the CISG and UNIDROIT Principles as Reflected in One State's (Florida) Experience of (1) Law School Faculty, (2) Members of the Bar with an In ternational Practice, (3) and Judges, 46 Am.
Para efectos ilustrativos, resenaremos a continuacion algunos casos resueltos bajo la CISG y los Principios UNIDROIT en los que los jueces han decidido si hay lugar o no a aceptar la fuerza mayor como una eximente en la responsabilidad contractual.
The word jurisconsultorium defines an obligation to refer to what others are doing in other jurisdictions when sharing law, requiring scholars to refer to the work of scholars from other member states and requesting judges and legal counsel to find inspirational authority in CISG precedents from other member states.
11) RTI argued no choice-of-law existed because the UCC and CISG did not differ with respect to the issue before the court; CSN disagreed, saying a difference existed and CISG applied.
66) "Where the CISG has been adopted by a country, it becomes applicable to all international sales and displaces the domestic sales law (.
See Bertram Keller, Favor Contractus: Reading the CISG in Favor of the Contract, in SHARING INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL LAW ACROSS NATIONAL BOUNDARIES 247-48 (Camilla B Andersen & Ulrich G Schroeter eds.
35) The CISG further states that "the seller is liable in accordance with the contract and this Convention for any lack of conformity.
Senate ratified the CISG as a self-executing treaty, its terms apply to international sales contracts when the parties are located in signatory countries and the parties do not explicitly opt out of its terms.