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CISIChartered Institute for Securities & Investment (professional body; UK)
CISIComité Interministériel pour la Société de l'Information
CISICIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Investor Services, Inc.
CISIChapter, Item, Sub-Item
CISICustomer & Integrated Services Institute
CISICommunications Information Services, Incorporated
CISIChurch of Individual Spiritual Identity
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As well as technical and commercial qualifications, the CISI also offers courses and tests on integrity for both the workplace and day-to-day life.
The writer is regional director of CISI Middle East, India and Sri Lanka
Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI and CISI chief executive said: "When it comes to enforcing global cybersecurity, people matter.
He added that CISI with its track record and credentials could be a significant contributor in that direction.
She received a shield in recognition of her performance at the Annual Awards for Top Exam Performers held recently by CISI at the Mansion House in London.
The Financial Advice Programme currently underway at the BIBF will offer successful candidates the opportunity to become members of the CISI, the world's leading body for investment professionals, to benefit from the programme.
A subset of 5 markers was associated with insulin sensitivity (assessed using the dynamic CISI measure): fasting glucose, insulin, Fas ligand, complement C3, and PAI-1.
It's worth noting here that the brokers orientation program is the fruit of the relentless efforts of the SCA and the CISI to provide scientific materials and high professional know-how that match with the securities market legislations of the UAE, while taking into serious consideration the peculiarity of the local investment environment without compromising the international professional standards adopted by the most advanced international markets of the world.
El CISI recuerda que, en esa ocasion, el senador Murat amenazo con renunciar al PRI en caso de no obtener la candidatura.
The company, who has already had export success in Europe, met with Tenerife-based UK importer, Mirpuri CISI whilst exhibiting at the International Food Exhibition in London earlier this year.
CS Communications has held 64% of CISI since April 1997.
CS Communications and Systems, the Paris-based IT services and telecom equipment vendor, will next year take full control of CISI the loss-making French computer software and services company, with the purchase of Cap Gemini SA's 36% stake.