CISILCentralized Information System for International Logistics
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Consolidated revenues will be driven by the acquired businesses where Tata Motors "has yet to build and demonstrate its capabilities", Cisil said.
Table 4 Army User Requirements Functional Requirements Comments Trace to countries Based on the Centralized Integrated System for International Logistics (CISIL) and the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS).
Service System Languages SLOC Air Force SAMIS Natural 1, ANSI 1.5M Cobol 85 Air Force CMCS ANSI Cobol 85, JCL, 1.5M FOCUS, REX (MVS) Army CISIL ANSI Cobol 85, 1.5M JCL, M204 Navy MISIL ADSO, Assembler, 1.5M ANSI Cobol 85 Service System Database Hardware Air Force SAMIS ADABASE OS390/MVS Air Force CMCS FOCUS VM Army CISIL Flat Files (VSAM, M204) Navy MISIL IDMS OS390/MVS