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CISITALIAConsorzio Industriale Sportiva Italia
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PF0 is in the final stages of design and has been inspired by Pininfarina cars such as the Cisitalia, Modulo and Sintesi.
There's the 1970 Lancia Stratos HF, one of the first--and still among the most extreme--wedge designs, plus more traditionally sensuous models like the 1950 Cisitalia 202.
The Ferrari Cisitalia "202" GT (1946) was the first vehicle to enter the collection, in 1972.
From then on, apart from the odd four-wheel-drive machine such as the Cisitalia Grand Prix race car, it was not until 1980 that Porsche seriously began to develop a sporty, all-wheeldrive system, which in 1984 saw the German marque's 4WD Type 953 charge to victory in the Paris-Dakar Rally.
Inspired by such shapes as the lamp of a Vespa scooter, the headlights of a Cisitalia car and the handles of a traditional Italian earthenware pot, the new collection includes oval and square cocottes and square and rectangular grills.
Founded by Andrea's grandfather in 1930, Italian design house Pininfarina has been responsible for some of the most pant-wettingly gorgeous cars ever made - the Ferrari Dino 246, the F40, the Berlinetta Boxer and the Cisitalia 202.
It was not really until after the Second World War, and notably in the Pininfarina design of the lightweight Cisitalia coupe (1946), that we can recognise the all-of-a-piece form of the modern car.
Then in 1947, the Porsche team developed a racing car with, amongst other developments, featured a centrallylocated engine called the Cisitalia.
The 1946 Cisitalia 202 coupe marks a turning point where the fluidic, smooth, and "essential"--the word preferred by its designer, Battista "Pinin" Farina--came to car design.