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CISKConditional Instability of the Second Kind
CISKCytokine-Independent Survival Kinase
CISKCast Iron Surround Kit (fireplace accessory)
CISKCommunities in Schools of Kent (est. 1991; formerly Kent Community Council for At-Risk Children and Youth; Kent, WA)
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WHERE TO EAT: At night, a glass of the local Cisk beer followed by a good meal is about as lively as Gozo gets, although an influx of tourists in July and August tends to gee things up a bit.
Gold-Cisk Export Premium Lager, Simonds Farsons Cisk Plc, Mriehe, l Malta
BRND WGN's clients range from Air Malta, Simonds Farsons Cisk, Bacardi Oakheart to Oulala Fantasy Football.
Cisk Lager, loved by generations of tourists visiting Malta, can be enjoyed back home in Blighty thanks to the launch of a new UK base in Birmingham.
Trevor Renals discovered the man's skeleton and burial casket - or cisk - after seeing bones sticking out of the sand.
This summer, savour the taste of Cisk Export, the world-famous lager from Malta.
After all this culture you can then reward yourself by dropping into one of the city's cosy bars for a glass of cooling Cisk, the local lager.
The celebration was properly sealed 12 hours later at a seaside Maletese bar, with pints of Cisk - another fine local brew - and an expensive bottle of champagne idling in its ice bucket.
Nicola was delighted to discover they were staying at her hotel, and joined them for a few of the local beers, called Cisk, and a gossip - although, sadly, Brad wasn't there
Then pop into a friendly bar for a local Cisk lager (it costs 40 cents, or about 75p).