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CISPCardholder Information Security Program (Visa)
CISPCardholder Information Security Program
CISPComitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (International Committee for the Development of Populations)
CISPCongress on Image and Signal Processing
CISPCertified IRA Services Professional (American Bankers Association)
CISPCommercial Internet Service Provider
CISPComputer Information Science Programming (Los Rios Community College District; California)
CISPCounterintelligence Support Plan
CISPCaledon Institute of Social Policy (Canada)
CISPClassification Internationale des Soins de Santé Primaires (International Classification of Primary Care)
CISPCounterintelligence Strategic Parnership (US FBI)
CISPCast-Iron Soil Pipe (drainage)
CISPCommunity Intensive Supervision Program
CISPCooperative Insurance System of the Philippines
CISPCentres Internationaux de Séjours de Paris (French tourism agency)
CISPCapital Investment Strategic Plan
CISPCable Internet Service Provider
CISPCertified International Safety Practitioner
CISPCritical Infrastructure Security Project (USACE)
CISPCommunity Initiative Support Programme
CISPCheminform Saint-Petersburg Ltd
CISPCommand Instrument System Processor
CISPCTC Instrumentation Systems Plan/Program
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As agreed upon, CISP will continue to provide similar insurance services previously provided by Ficco MBA to its members.
Substantial and consistent patterns were found across all three CISP subgroups (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China) in terms of interpretations, explanations of types of Chinese cultural compliments and CRs used in their homeland.
Moreover, there is not even one specific program that the City can apply for directly, apart from CISP for export help, so that it can grow the fashion cluster.
Zhang, "Classification of QuickBird imagery based on spectral feature and wavelet-domain fractal texture," in Proceedings of2015 8th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing (CISP), pp.
Some platforms use a recommendation system where a trusted peer may recommend another one as seen in the UK based Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP:
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Speakers at the event, held at the AQL building on Hunslet Road, Leeds, will include David Emm (Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab), Professor David S Wall (Professor of Criminology at Leeds University), Stuart Hyde, QPM (member of the Europol Internet Security Advisory Board and the aql and regional ambassador for CISP and acting Detective Sgt Matthew Fleming of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Team.
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