CISRSConstruction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (London, England, UK)
CISRSChristian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (Bangalore, India)
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John, Youth Christian Council of Action 1938-1954: The Story of a Dynamic Movement of Christian Youth (Bangalore: CISRS, 1972).
The literature produced by CISRS could well be identified as the inaugural set of books for mission studies in India.
Devanandan: The Gospel and the Hindu Intellectual (CISRS, 1958); Resurgent Hinduism: Review of Modern Movements (CISRS, 1958); Our Task Today: Revision of Evangelistic Concern (CISRS, 1958); The Dravida Kazhagam: A Revolt Against Brahminism (CISRS, 1959); The Gospel and Renascent Hinduism (SCM, 1959); Christian Concern in Hinduism (CISRS, 1961); Christian Issues in Southern Asia (Friendship Press, 1963)
edited by Devanandan and Thomas: Cultural Foundations of Indian Democracy (CLSC, 1955); India's Quest for Democracy (CLSC, 1955); Community Development in India's Industrial Urban Areas (CLSC, 1958); The Changing Pattern of Family in India (CISRS, 1960); Problems of Indian Democracy (CISRS, 1962)
Thomas: Salvation and Humanisation (CISRS, 1971); The Secular Ideologies of India and the Secular Meaning of Christ (CISRS, 1976); Towards an Evangelical Social Gospel (CLS, 1977)
Newcastle College head of construction Colin Stott said: "We are delighted to become an approved CISRS centre.
Traditionally, scaffolding courses have been delivered in private commercial centres across the UK and at present the North East has only one other centre delivering Construction Industry Scaffolding Record Scheme (CISRS) courses.
"Many of the existing providers currently concentrate on providing full cost provision and while we will be offering this facility as a college, we are also eager to develop full apprenticeship routes which will include CISRS programmes and technical certificates."
Two other symposia followed, one focussing on the Kerala situation (The Dalit Desiyata, edited by Abraham Ayrookuzhiel, ISPCK for CISRS, Delhi 1990), the other resulting from ecumenical discussions between the Jesuit Theological Seminary in Madras and the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary at Madurai (Emerging Dalit Theology, edited by Xavier Irudayaraj, 1990).
A useful complement to Webster's book is James Massey's brief Roots: A Concise History of Dalits (ISPCK for CISRS, Delhi 1991).
Abraham Ayrookuzhiel has brought together in his The Dalit Desiyata: The Kerala Experience in Development and Class Struggle (ISPCK for CISRS, Delhi 1990) a number of papers that address the very specific situation in Kerala.
Colin Stott, head of construction at Newcastle College, said: "We are delighted to become an approved CISRS centre.