CISSSCDC (Centers for Disease Control) Information Systems Support Services
CISSSCisco Internet Solutions Specialist Solutions (computer training)
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High predicted LD social-behavioral risk, corresponding to lower adoption of preventive behaviors, was very heterogeneous, but was particularly low within the CISSS Monteregie-Est and CISSS Monteregie-Centre (Figure 4A and Table 1).
The highest tick population densities were estimated to occur in CISSS Monteregie-Centre, CISSS Estrie, and the southern part of CISSS Monteregie-Est (Figure 5 and Table 1).
For example, based on our results, Longueuil CSD, located in the southwestern part of the CISSS Monteregie-Est, as well as other CSDs located at the southern part of the CISSS Monteregie-Centre near Lake Champlain and the border with the United States, would be considered with a higher priority given the low preventive behavior score, higher population density, and higher predicted tick population density, which results in high social/ behavioral-ecological and prioritization index values (Figures 4-7 and Table 1).
CISSS Estrie had the highest number of human cases per capita, which could be explained by the high level of ecological risk, even though relatively high levels of adoption of preventive behavior and risk perception were observed.
Number of human Lyme disease (LD) cases in 2012-2013 and the proportion of respondents with higher social-behavioral index scores (lower LD risk) and higher ecological risk scores by health unit (Centre integre de sante et de services sociaux; CISSS) in the Monteregie region.
No significant differences in the proportions of respondents with higher social-behavioral index scores were detected among CISSSs.
The necessary and sufficient condition for sign stability of switched linear system (2) under arbitrary switching is that the sign-pattern set of (2) is a subset of a CISSS.
(2) If the sign-pattern set sgn {[A.sub.[sigma]]} of (2) is a subset of a CISSS, then all the sign-patterns of sgn {[A.sub.[sigma]]} are isogenous and sign stable.
According to Definition 11, it is certain that sgn([A.SUP.*]) belongs to the foregoing CISSS. Hence, [A.SUP.*] is sign stable and thus Hurwitz stable.
To construct a sign stable switched system, the original sign-pattern and the CISSS are required first.
Two simple examples are given to illuminate the constitution of CISSS.
For 2x2 matrices, the sets [[DELTA].sub.1], [[DELTA].sub.2] given by (19)are CISSS with the first sign-pattern as the original sign-pattern of each set, respectively: