CISSTConference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology
CISSTComputer Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology (National Science Foundation; healthcare)
CISSTCentro Italiano per lo Studio della Storia del Tessuto (Italian: Italian Center for the Study of the History of Textiles)
CISSTComité Interentreprises de Santé et Sécurité au Travail (French: Business to Business Committee on Health and Safety at Work)
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Radnor notes that while Heiland initiallydenied to him the existence of a "No-No List,' he later promised to take Radnor's name off of it once he learned CISST was sharing Japanese data, not U.
Current CISST projects include medical imaging, robotics, medical simulation, surgical instrumentation, computing, telecommunications, instrumentation, interventional guidance and innovative therapies, human-machine interaction and ergonomics.
CISST emphasizes the interrelationships between surgeons, their equipment and their tools, utilizing advances in engineering technology and computers.