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CISTChitose Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)
CISTConference on Information Systems and Technology
CISTCommon and Internal Spanning Tree (IEEE Std 802.1s-2002)
CISTCounterintelligence Screening Test (US DoD)
CISTCountering Ideological Support for Terrorism
CISTCenter for Information Security Technology
CISTCollege of Integrated Science and Technology (James Madison University)
CISTCenter for Information Science and Technology (Nepal and India)
CISTCentre d'Ingénierie Système Transport (French: Transportation System Engineering Center)
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In the cist of grave IX, where one of the double buttons was found, a woman over 50 years of age, a juvenile of 12-13 and a child of 4-6 had been buried; in the cist of the grave XI only children's bones were found (Lang 2007b, 116-117).
Chance finds from the area which have been revealed by erosion include cists, with skeletal remains, cremations and pottery beakers which probably contained food or drink.
According to the document's authors, "The Langwell Farm cist is an extremely rare and valuable find with the potential to reveal a great deal about contemporary life and burial practice."
Ac o wrando arno, fe deimlwn yn euog am gwyno am lygoden yn fy stafell ac am ddiffyg cist i gadw fy mhasport.
It was discovered in the cist by experts from the university and local Mellor Archaeological Trust, who said the mystery was now how the material got to the north west.
The stone-lined 'cist' graves are thought to be an early Christian cemetery, which can date from the fifth to 13th centuries.
Stones from cist (stone coffin) graves can be seen eroding from the bay's low cliffs and archaeologists are recording what remains before it too is washed away by the sea.
Mae'r gist-fedd i'w gweld gyferbyn a drws y clochdy ac mae'n un o'r cist-feddi agosa at y porth (Cyntedd De) lle mae cist Siwan.
When later burials were made, kerbstones were used as cist slabs, but the perimeter was always replaced.
It has also emerged that the remains, found in stone-lined 'cist' graves at the site, are a mixture of adults and children.
S4C, 9.35pm Yr wythnos hon, bydd Al Lewis yn perfformio dwy g--n oddi ar ei albwm newydd a hynny mewn sel cist car yn Nhir Prince, ger Abergele.Bydd cyfle hefyd i ddilyn diwrnod ym mywyd Al, sydd bellach wedi mentro i Lundain i geisio ennill bywoliaeth fel cerddor proffesiynol.Bydd Nia Morgan yn dychwelyd i fro ei mebyd i berfformio ym Mecws Talerddig ger Llanbrynmair gyda chyn aelod o Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, John Lawrence.A bydd Elin Fflur yn perfformio fersiwn acwstig o un o'i chlasuron, "Fy Rhandir Mwyn".