CISTPCenter for International Science and Technology Policy (George Washington University; Washington, DC)
CISTPCenter for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy (Sam Nunn School of International Affairs; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA)
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November N/A Cyber-Security Ecosystem Rutkowski, 6, (video lecture) Distinguished 2012 Senior Research Fellow at the Georgia handle/1853/45450 Institute of Technology, Nunn School Center for International Strategy Technology and Policy (CISTP) 20 Critical Security Center for November 89 Controls for Effective Strategic & 2012 Cyber Defense: Consensus International Audit Guidelines--version Studies 4.0 critical-security-controls/ National Cybersecurity National June N/A Center of Excellence Institute of 29, Standards and 2012 Technology (NIST) Information Security Risk National January N/A Taking Science 17, Foundation 2012 (NSF) awardsearch/