CIT-PADCommercial Information Technology Product Area Directorate
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In other words, as the Air Force's single computer buyer, CIT-PAD guarantees multiple sales to its vendors.
The CIT-PAD is delighted to have GTSI in partnership with the Air Force as one of the prime Blanket Purchase Agreement providers to help us meet the DoD warfighter's mission requirements for both network products and services.
Once the Air Force Program Manager and Contracting Officer approve the modification, the information is then uploaded into the CIT-PAD database of record.
We look forward to working with the CIT-PAD and the Air Force on this BPA for another two years.
Barbara Starr, Software Division Chief, CIT-PAD, stated, "We are focusing on companies that display best commercial business practices, who have strong past performance and who can demonstrate the best value analysis for our IT needs.