CITACConsuming Industries Trade Action Coalition
CITACComputer Investigations and Infrastructure Threat Assessment Center
CITACCooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry
CITACCanadian Infrastructure Technology Assessment Centre
CITACClinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada
CITACCritical Infrastructure and Threat Assessment Center
CITACCrisis Intervention Teams Association of Colorado (Castle Rock, CO)
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Gary Still and David Bleasdale of CITAC say that the industry's main players are aware of the reputational standards that need to be upheld when operating in Africa and other markets.
trade law, but only that Chinese tire imports increased," added CITAC Executive Director Eugene Patrone.
CITAC executive director David Bleasdale said: "Our view is that growing African demand will by and large be met by imports.
CITAC encouraged the Obama Administration to consider the impact on U.
The goal of the Shrimp Task Force is to guarantee that shrimp continues to be widely available at a reasonable price for American consumers, and to ensure that an estimated 250,000 American workers employed in shrimp consuming industries are not harmed by this petition," said Erik Autor, CITAC board member and vice president of the National Retail Federation.
failed to implement earlier decisions against the use of zeroing in assessing antidumping duties," said CITAC Counsel Lewis Leibowitz, a partner at the law firm of Hogan & Hartson, LLP.
confronts today," said Michael Veitenheimer, Chairman of the CITAC Board of Directors and SVP, Secretary and General Counsel for Michaels Stores, Inc.
consuming industries," said CITAC Executive Director Steve Alexander.
CITAC Counsel Lewis Leibowitz will testify before the House Ways & Means Committee Trade Sub-committee about the importance of considering the interests of all Americans, including those in consuming industries, when the Ways and Means Committee drafts trade remedy provisions in legislation.