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During 2017 the Panel actively looked at whether existing Crisis Intervention Team Assessment Centers (CITACs, discussed in the referenced reports and in the criminal justice diversion materials below) might be "upgraded" to include active treatment capacities that would enable them to function like a PEC.
"[Traders have] less overheads, they are more reactive to markets, have a deep understanding of risk and how you manage it, and they saw an opportunity of how you can bring the skills of a trading company to enhance business," CITAC's executive director David Bleasdale says.
Steel Import Tariffs: A Quantification of the Impact During 2002 (CITAC Foundation, Feb.
[4.] Eurachem / EUROLAB / CITAC / Nordtest / AMC Guide: Measurement uncertainty arising from sampling: a guide to methods and approaches / Ramsey, M., Ellison, S.
About 200,000 jobs were wiped out in steel-consuming industries because of the higher prices, CITAC said.
Miller reflected the opinion of much of the domestic steel industry when he said, "This determination is flatly at odds with President Bush's steel program and the law...[it] moves the nation backwards, not forwards to a free trading future." (35) But on behalf of steel users, CITAC's Jon Jensen said, "Most cold-rolled steel is already covered by the Section 201 tariffs of up to 30%.
Baughman of the Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition (CITAC), fashioned telling numbers on these tariffs even before President Bush played his hand.
"The irony of all this is a lot of people thought they elected a President who was market-oriented", said Jon Jensen, Chairman of the Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition (CITAC).
Coris, Spic Enertrans with local partner PT Dian Graha Elektrika and Thomson Airsys with local partner PT CITAC. The fourth package amounts to FFr 70 million for tower and buildings to store up the equipment.