CITATContainer Inspection Training and Assistance Team (USCG)
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Acestea ne pot conduce spre unele rezultate ale grupului nostru in ceea ce priveste relevanta stresului oxidativ metabolic (care este citat pentru corelatiile puternice stabilite cu starea inflamatorie) (17) si practicarea exercitiului fizic.
CITAT also directly supports and trains Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Transportation, multi-national agencies, and the transportation industry in the safe transportation of hazardous materials.
(2009) analyzed the effect of the Clinical Information Technology Assessment Tool (CITAT) on complications in 72 Texas hospitals.
intre valori care nu pot fi reconciliate" (citat de Rorty, 2007, p.
New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, citat in Fararo, T., J.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-25 June 2008-Finnish communication group Edita Oyj acquires Sweden's Citat Group AB(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Multe lucrari sunt acum respinse in mod automat bazat pe faptul ca in bibliografie apare citat un cercetator care nu este in gratiile editorilor, referentilor, sau al altor cenzori experti, cu nici un fel de consideratie fata de continutul lucrarii.
Through the diligence and expertise of our DSBs with documentation and equipment load-outs and the Coast Guard's Container Inspection Training and Assistance (CITAT) Teams at CONUS installations, operations at the ports run more efficiently and timely due to the minimal amount of frustrated cargo.
Interestingly, the derived verb do+L+sja in most cases does not have all the SemA-slots of L (except for the 'subject' slot): citat' romany '[to] read novels', but docitat'sja * romanov, zalovat'sja roditeljam '[to] complaint to the parents', but dozalovat'sja *roditeljam, boltat' s sosedom '[to] chat with the neighbor', but doboltat'sja *s sosedom, etc.
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