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CITECitation (HTML)
CITECenter for Information Technology in Education (various locations)
CITEConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITEConstruction Industry Trading Electronically (UK)
CITECenter for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (Cebu City, Philippines)
CITECenter of Industrial and Technical Excellence
CITECertified Incentive Travel Executive
CITECanadian Institute of Transportation Engineers
CITECenter for Internet Technology in Education
CITECargo Integration Test Equipment
CITEConsortium of Information and Telecommunications Executives
CITEChemical Instrumentation Test and Evaluation
CITECenter for Independence, Technology, and Education
CITECommunications and Information Technology Excellence
CITEContractor Independent Technical Effort
CITECentre for Ideas and the Economy (Australia)
CITECompliance and Interoperability Testing & Evaluation
CITECommanders Integrated Training Environment (US Army)
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analyze precisely the information CITES Scientific Authorities often
La Manouba proposera au public de la Cite ses sites archeologiques, ses monuments et une exposition sur le Musee militaire " Kasr Al-Ouarda " ou Palais de la Rose qui abrite depuis 1984 ce musee presentant l'histoire militaire de la Tunisie, depuis l'epoque carthaginoise jusqu'a nos jours.
The contributors should be motivated and encouraged to cite more and more published documents of the Dialogue in their scholarly documents.
The above are potential reasons why authors might cite the book rather than the original article, but they do not mean that from a social perspective citing the book is welfare increasing.
The secretariat of CITES said it would not publish sturgeon-export quotas for 2006 until sturgeon-producing countries provide more information demonstrating that their proposed catch and export quotas permit the sturgeon population to sustain itself.
Species regulated under CITES are placed on one of three appendices.
In an interview with Nampa here on Wednesday Nghitila said if Namibia becomes a non-party of CITES it Namibia will have limited market to sell its current ivory stock piles worth N.dollars 125.4 million and other wildlife products.
She added, 'CITES conserves our natural world by ensuring that international trade in wild plants and animals is legal, sustainable and traceable.'
Governments have submitted 56 new proposals to change the levels of protection that CITES provides for species of wild animals and plants that are in international trade, a release from CITES stated.
The 183 parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) will adopt decisions and resolutions to expand and strengthen the global wildlife trade regime during the organization's triennial World Wildlife Conference in Geneva Aug.
It is legal to export elephants in Zimbabwe under the ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an organization that enforces rules and regulations for the trading of living animals. China and the United Arab Emirates are also permitted to capture elephants under CITES. 
Qatar Airways has announced the extension of its existing embargo on transporting hunting trophies to encompass all species identified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species ( CITES) of Wild Fauna and Flora.