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CITESConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species (international agreement; Geneva, Switzerland)
CITESConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CITESCampus Information Technologies and Educational Services
CITESCenter for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling (Brigham Young University; Provo, UT)
CITESComputational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences (international conference; Russia)
CITESCenter for Information Training and Evaluation Services (educational research and improvement organization; Florida State University; Tallahassee, FL)
CITESConvention on Illicit Trade of Endangered Species
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CITES I includes species threatened with extinction.
MEPs call on the EU to play a key role in the protection of endangered species by participating actively in the negotiations on the CITES and insist that the 27 have to speak with a single voice and improve the speed and effectiveness of their internal decision making procedures.
ITAP activities have included training enforcement personnel in inspection of wildlife shipments and related enforcement techniques, legal and regulatory workshops for government officials, field studies to monitor the status of traded species, assistance in preparation for CITES meetings, improving the operations of wildlife rescue centers, and evaluating the adequacy of existing regulations and laws.
For example, the book's editors, as well as authors of additional chapters in the book (other than the chapter cited), have an interest to cite the book in their papers so that readers become more familiar with it.
33,658 species regulated by CITES are included in Appendix II.
Misconception #2: CITES only protects endangered species.
Under CITES, seahorses may have a chance of bouncing back.
Gagnon cites a sociological study, Le Catholicisme Quebecois (Editions de l'QRC, 2000) by Lemieux and Montminy, worthy but incomplete attempt to diagnose a situation which was ignored by the predominantly Marxist-type of research done during the 1970s.
Alterman expresses dismay that Coulter and Rush Limbaugh get away with venomous remarks about liberals, while Goldberg cites some pretty venomous remarks Nina Totenberg and other liberals have made about conservatives.
Nonetheless, Members of Congress who ask for "blue ribbon panels" should be more cautious in selecting studies to cite when sounding public alarms.
Darling-Hammond cites this study as proof of the paramount importance of a teacher's possessing knowledge about "teaching and learning.
Anders Aslund, a renowned economist who specializes in post-communist economic transformation, received 466 Nexis and Dow Jones cites from July 1997 to June 1999 -- landing him higher than your top-cited economist and alone totaling more than entire organizations in the summary.