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Inspectors cited the company for operating an unguarded chain and sprocket - the same violation for which OSHA cited the company in February 2018.
Pearl, 50, Du Quoin, was cited on a charge of operating a motor vehicle with an expired registration sticker.
Later four people were located inside two barricaded areas where they were cited for loitering in a disaster zone and a drone in the possession of one individual was confiscated.
He stated that wireless sensor network was the most cited paper among 495 articles from 2005 to 2010.12 Ullah, Midrar and Idrees Farooq Butt,13 conducted the citation analysis of Pakistani Medical Journals.
(i) Castillo-Salgado [2], which is cited as reference 210.
Furthermore, 22 percent of the participants further cited lack of cooperation from police, and 18 percent cited lack of punishment for the perpetrators as relevant causes.
During this period, the number of highly cited papers featuring Pakistan based authors increased 10-fold, from nine articles in 2006 to 98 in 2015.
"The time is right to provide a mobile solution that gives the individual legal power over law enforcement when it comes to bogus citations,” said Michael Cherin, Cited's Founder.
The RFU released a statement confirming the citing which read: "Ben Youngs of Leicester Tigers will appear before an RFU Disciplinary Panel after being cited for striking London Irish's Jamie Gibson contrary to Law 10(4)(a) during the Aviva Premiership match at the Madejski Stadium on March 25, following a report by the match citing officer Wade Dooley."
But the "power" built into WOS that I wish to describe in detail is that it traces forward where a particular article has been cited. For example: you are interested in how often and where Anne McClintock's article "Family Feuds: Gender, Nationalism, and the Family," Feminist Review vol.
First, the reader who is interested in the cited material is much more likely to be able to find a journal article than a book because academic libraries subscribe to most of the important journals, but purchase only a fraction of available books.