CITRChrist in the Rockies (ministry)
CITRCatcher in the Rye
CITRCommunity Investment Tax Relief
CITRCanadian Institute for Telecommunications Research
CITRCentre for Information Technology Research (various locations)
CITRCountry in the Rockies (country music charity fundraiser)
CITRCenter for Intelligent Transportation Research (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
CITRConfidential Information Transmittal Record
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CITR's new Nicosia office aims to maximise the value of the debtors' assets, and therefore, increase the recovery rate of receivables to the creditors' benefit, using innovative mechanisms and tailor-made solutions.
Quando o CITR e maior que uma unidade indica que mais metal e retido nas raizes da muda cultivada em solo contaminado (MARQUES; MOREIRA; SIQUEIRA, 2000).
Valores do CITR maiores que uma unidade indica maiores teores de zinco nas raizes que na parte aerea e e um parametro que mede a capacidade de limitar a translocacao de zinco absorvida pelas raizes das especies florestais (Marques et al., 2000).
The strain was cultivated during 24 h (30[degrees]C, 150 rpm) in nutrient broth (5 g/L peptone and 3 g/L beef extract) and 10% (v/v) of this culture was then used to inoculate 2 L of mineral salts medium (7) containing 3.5 g/L of N[a.sub.2]HP[O.sub.4], 1.5 g/L of K[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4], 1.0 g/L of [(N[H.sub.4]).sub.2] S[O.sub.4], 0.2 g/L of M[g.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] (*) 7[H.sub.2]O, 0.2 g/L M[g.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] (*) 7[H.sub.2]O, 0.06 g/L Citr. (*) FeN[H.sub.4], 0.01 g/L of CaC[l.sub.2] (*) 2[H.sub.2]O and 1 mL/L of microelement solution.
Butia, RS, 2005 Porta--enxertos 2004 2005 2004 2005 Media NFr %FrCC Citr. "Swingle" 50,3 a 113,0 a 4,3 b 2,2 ab 3,25 d Tang.
The pedigree of SD8070 is 'Guard' (CItr 17934) (Cholick et al., 1984)/'Sharp' (PI 540401) (Cholick et al., 1992) and that of SD3165 is 'Butte 86'/3/'Mexico Dwarf'/'Baca' (CItr 15891)//'Vona' (CItr 17441)/4/'Pioneer 2375'.
Recently, the Collaborative Islet Transplant Registry (CITR) was established to collect clinical data from participating islet transplant centers in the United States.
When the University of British Columbia's radio station, CITR, amplified its FM broadcast to 1800 watts in February of 1989, a 1986 song release by Vancouver's Slow, "Have Not Been The Same," was the first one played over the broadened airwaves.
In the same way, what started as hatred of Duplessis and his regime quickly gave way to an effort at more considered reflection in forums such as the Institut Canadien des Affaires Publiques and magazines such as Citr Libre and Liberte.
in January 1997, he joined the Personal Communications Staff of INRS-Telecommunications, a research center of the University of Quebec, Canada, as researcher, where he was involved in research and development projects on Wireless Systems for Direct Access to Subscribers and Millimeter-wave LAN on optical fiber backbone for future Broadband Indoor Wireless Personal Communication Systems supported by Bell-Quebec/Nortel/NSERC and Canadian Institute for Telecommunication Research ( CITR), respectively.
Sara Efron is a student at UBC, News Director at campus radio CITR and a devoted Hammond organ player.