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CITSCenter for International Trade and Security
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CITSCentro Internacional de Tecnologia de Software (Brazil)
CITSCurrent Imaging Tunneling Spectroscopy
CITSCorporate Information Technology Solutions (Tanzania)
CITSCentral Integrated Test System (B-1B)
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CITSCow in the Shaft (game)
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CITSComprehensive Integrated Tariff System (Jordan)
CITSCounterintelligence Teams
CITSComptroller Information Transfer System
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CITSCommunication and Information Theory Symposium
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CITSChennai IT (Information Technology) Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)
CITSComplex Information Technology System
CITSCafet-Innova Technical Society (Hyderabad, India)
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Because they aren't traded on an exchange, CITs don't have a ticker and don't have to be priced daily.
"As the popularity of CITs grows, so does the recordkeepers' ability to provide communications and education materials for CITs in the same format and detail as they provide for mutual funds," according to PEI.
Jeff Masom, co-head of sales at Legg Mason in Baltimore, agrees, noting that when many mutual fund firms established institutional share classes, with lower overall expense ratios, these became more competitive than CITs. Also, many CITs lacked a long-term track record.
CITs are regulated differently than are '40 Act funds-those under the Investment Company Act Of 1940, George says.
Of course, the CITs go their separate ways when the time comes to move into their respective programs.
Campers are more likely to try to make friends across programs when they see the behavior modeled by counselors and CITs in common areas, such as the waterfront, dining hall, and evening activities.
The Variety Club Camp CITs studied more intensely than other counselors-in-training.
The first step in creating a successful CIT program is to designate one staff member as the CIT director; this person's primary function is to train CITs.