CITUCentre of Indian Trade Unions
CITUCentral Information Technology Unit (UK government)
CITUCouncil of Trade Unions
CITUConfederation of Independent Trade Unions (various locations)
CITUComputer Investigation and Technology Unit (New York Police Department)
CITUChronic Illness Transition Unit (child healthcare)
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In contrast, the AITUC and CITU leaders, following radical leftist ideologies, discussed issues couched in the ideology of working class unity, class conflict, and class struggles.
The percentage of people in this income bracket has been gradually increasing due to growing demand for highly skilled and quality workforce, according to CITU.
CITU UiTM also successful in mentoring program, offers an effective and well received among the Muslim convert to fully appreciate the practice and claim to live as a Muslim.
174) Ultimately, a statement CITU made in its complaint that its only true recourse for protection was the Chief Justice of the Indian Supreme Court--appears to have been an accurate assessment of the Committee's inability to provide meaningful assistance.
CITU investigates cases where offenders use a computer or the Internet as an instrument to commit a crime or where a computer represents the target of a crime or constitutes a source of evidence relating to a crime.
Auto drivers associated with CITU are participating in the strike, but not all the 10,000 to 15,000 union members will be off the roads.
The two biggest left trade unions AITUC and CITU are completely opposed to economic liberalization and consider such a policy as an attack on the working class and capitulation of India to imperialist domination.
All trade union leaders of the companies, including INTUC and CITU, had met him and requested that closure should be avoided, Chandy said.
But still we would fight for justice," said the father, who was taxidriver and member of CPM's labour arm CITU.
The CPI(M)-affiliated CITU has also opposed the decision, saying it would allow private players to "make undue profit out of public resources".
According to reports, the employees owing allegiance to Hyundai Motor India Employees Union, backed by CITU, have been on strike since October 30 near the company's plant in Sriperumbudur pressing various demands, including reinstatement of 28 of their colleagues sacked in 2008.