CITUBConfederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria
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A vehicle carrying much needed supplies donated by CITUB members will join the convoy which is expected to arrive in Sofia late on November 2.
CITUB representative thanked SEK for the assistance it has provided so far to Bulgarian workers in Cyprus and for deciding to print the Union's newspaper also in Bulgarian and Rumanian.
CITUB president Zhelyazko Hristov said that the proposed cutbacks could set off a wave of protests.
Meanwhile, Krastyo Petkov, Chair of the Union of Economists in Bulgaria, announced at a press conference of CITUB that Bulgaria was first in the EU by contribution of the informal sector to GDP with a score of 32%.
CITUB insists that the sum is negligible compared to the money which go to bailing out Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB, Corpbank).
CITUB warned that, unless the 2015 budget was amended, billions would be spent by taxpayers to "bail out the banking system" which in the same time would end the year "at a BGN 800 M profit".
He made clear that CITUB and the Podkrepa Labor Confederation had adopted a joint declaration during a joint sitting on Monday.
The Deputy Chair of CITUB said that the draft 2015 budget gave no cause for optimism about a reduction in unemployment, despite the fact that it had been cited as a priority of the government.
CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov declared Monday that the trade union was ready to stage protests in the case of a government decision to change the retirement criteria in 2015.
According to CITUB experts, the state is not doing enough to help the socially underprivileged, taking into account that aid for heating bills was paid to over 251 000 people in the winter of 2013, or only 16% of the total of people living below the poverty line.