CITYUCity University of Hong Kong
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CITYU "Panagyurski colonies," including the following forest roads "Emecha", "Nishan hill", "Kioi Dere" and "brother";
CITYU "Poibrene" including the following forest roads "Klopski meadow" and "Curia"
within the TA DLS "Trakia", located in Forest technical sections: Section 91-1 to 88-1; department 98 to department 98 a1-yu; CITYU "Kozni
within the TA DLS Thrace, located in Forest Technical section: CITYU Zlatosel section 63 and 64, section 90, section 51; CITYU Rozovets section 144 epartments 174, Division 158, section 210, section 141,142,143,144; CITYU Tamrash section 422, section 435.