CIUCACheck Interference Upon Call Arrival (call admission control)
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With respect to the tourist resource evaluation in Vama-Buzaului area, all the subjects mentioned the Ciucas mountain and some mentioned the "howling" ("urlatoare") waterfalls.
Most of the subjects mentioned the fact that it is necessary to rearrange and re-mark the tourist trails on the Ciucas mountain, that tourist signs do not exist, that it will be necessary to renovate the mountain cottages in Ciucas and that a ski slope would be extremely appropriate.
Moreover, it has become necessary to arrange a TIC--Tourist Information Centre and to rehabilitate the mountain trails starting from Vama-Buzaului in the Ciucas massif, as well as those that lead to the "howling" waterfalls: Urlatoarea Mare, Urlatoarea Mica, Albele.