CIURCrescimento Intra Uterino Retardado (Portuguese: Intrauterine Growth Retardation)
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The wrongness is revealed by the fact that the alluded situation was created through an unjustified perpetuance of the writing style done by the CIUR partisans.
The story of CIUR began with the Heisenberg's seminal work [20] and it starts [21] from the search of general answers to the primary questions (q.
In connection with the respective questions, in its subsequent extension, CIUR promoted the suppositions (s.
Then CIUR limited its attention only to the quantum cases, for which restored to an amalgamation of the following motivations (m.
NOTIFICATION: In the present paper we will use the term "observable" (introduced by CIUR literature) for denoting a physical quantity referring to a considered microparticle (system).
2) in order to promote CIUR few time later was introduced [23, 24] the so-called Robertson Schrodinger UR (RSUR):
CIUR was built by regarding the relations (1) and (2), as standard (reference) elements.
An attentive examination of the alluded publications show that in the main CIUR is builded onthe following five basic presumptions (P):
Also in the same publications the deficiencies of CIUR are omited or underestimated.
3 Examination of CIUR deficiencies regarded in an elucidative collection
In oder to evaluate the true significance of deficiences regarding CIUR we think that it must discussed together many such deficiences reunited, for a good examination, in an elucidative collection.
In reality the respective relation is an improper piece for a reference/ standard element of a supposed solid doctrine such as CIUR.