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CIVCote d'Ivoire (ISO Country code)
CIVComité Interministériel des Villes (French: Interministerial Committee for Cities)
CIVCentre International de Valbonne
CIVColegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela
CIVContinuous Intravenous Infusion
CIVCommander's Independent Viewer
CIVCritical Ionization Velocity
CIVSchedule IV Controlled Substance (USA)
CIVCouncil for International Visitors
CIVCity Imperial Volunteers
CIVCorona Inception Voltage
CIVCollective Investment Vehicle (taxation)
CIVContainment Isolation Valve
CIVChambre Immobilière du Valais (French: Valais Real Estate Board; Valais, Switzerland)
CIVCentre d'Information des Viandes (French: Meat Information Center)
CIVComposants Industriels Varay (French industrial parts company)
CIVChemical Injection Valve (subsea oil & gas)
CIVChaudronnerie Industrielle Vannetaise (French industrial boiler company)
CIVConstrucción, Infraestructura y Vivienda (Guatemala)
CIVCombined Intermediate Valve
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H3N2 CIV Disease, Host Range, and Zoonotic Potential
01) was found only between surveys and regions, owing to the VTC, the only region where abundance from CIII to CIV increased sharply (Fig.
Employers' positive perception of CIV is largely the result of the skills and work ethic demonstrated by our graduates.
The IRN / INFRA department of the CIV is within the frameworks and guidelines responsible for the cost-effective design, (to) create, manage and monitor c.
The important thing is to keep the CIV covered when the Bradley is parked for weeks.
The Negative Rating Outlook for CIV reflects the change in DPL's outlook and the challenging market conditions faced by CEH in the PJM region.
RWS CIV intends to enter into a new contract by 01.
Contact point(s): London LGPS CIV Ltd 59 Southwark Street London SE1 0AL
Also, ratings of CIV, PHI, and PCI could be adversely affected if CIV's subsidiary Conectiv Energy Holdings (CEH) fails to hedge its risks effectively or is unable to negotiate new off-take contracts at the expiration of current power sales contracts.
These new products are the first from Brother that truly target CIV (Commercial, Industrial, and Vertical) customers and applications.
Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) and Scimitar Capital Partners (SCP) today announced that SCP has purchased Corning's subsidiary, CIV LLC, which holds Corning's venture capital portfolio.