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CIVAChristians in the Visual Arts (est. 1977)
CIVAConseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d'Alsace (French wine association)
CIVACentre International pour la Ville, l'Architecture et le Paysage (French: International Center for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape; Belgium)
CIVACharge-Induced Voltage Alteration
CIVACanada India Village Aid (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CIVAComet Nucleus Infrared and Visible Analyser (instrument aboard the Rosetta spacecraft)
CIVACentralised Intravenous Additive
CIVAConseil Information pour la Vie Associative (French: Community Life Information Council)
CIVACarcinomas in Villous Adenomas
CIVACharacter, Integrity, Vision and the Arts Charter School (Colorado Springs, CO)
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The ultrasonic fields of the phased array were modelled using CIVA software.
Because CIVA is a professional organization for Christian artists, data was also collected about ways in which religion has helped religious artists cope with depression or mania.
Named as one of Fast Company Magazine's "Fast 50" companies in 2007, CIVA is headquartered in New Mexico.
The calculations of the ultrasonic wave's propagation paths and possible mode conversions were performed using the CIVA software and are shown in Fig.
With its staff of 10, the CIVA School (CIVA stands for Character, Integrity, Vision, and the Arts) works on individual character development through intense family involvement and an interdisciplinary curriculum.
The most advanced and detailed pandemic and seasonal flu computer modeling tool available, EpiCast is offered by CIVA (the Company for Information Visualization and Analysis, http://www.
Santa Fe-based CIVA (The Company for Information Visualization and Analysis) signed an agreement to license Los Alamos National Laboratory's epidemiological modeling and simulation system, called EpiCast.
ART has strategic and technological partnerships with industry leaders including: Texas Instruments, Motorola Semiconductors, Intel, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, Agere Systems, Analog Devices, DSP Group, Parthus CIVA, Microsoft, Symbian, TTPCom, SVOX, Phone-Or and others.
Infusion equipment: volume and syringe pumps in rack systems for delivery to the CIVA, central intensive care, University Hospital, Uppsala.
Four out of five lenses installed in each of the seven objective lenses used in the CIVA camera system of the Philae lander were manufactured from two different types of radiation-resistant optical glasses from SCHOTT.