CIVBConseil Interprofessionel des Vins de Bordeaux (French: Bordeaux Wine Board)
CIVBCombustion Induced Vortex Breakdown
CIVBConfiguration Interaction Valence Bond
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I could be argued that CIVB also plays its part in boundary layer and turbulent flame propagation by augmenting the position of the flame in a way that makes them happen more readily [25].
Approximately 80 percent to 85 percent of the region's wines are in the $8 to $25 price range, said Christian Delpeuch, president of the CIVB. "These are wines for every budget and all occasions," he said.
Hosted for the Council for Bordeaux Wines (CIVB) by British wine tutor and Bordeaux resident Wendy Narby, students will learn everything they need from how to taste wine, to how to choose wine in a restaurant or entertain at home with hints on understanding what each region has to offer.
According to the CIVB, the Bordeaux wine trade body, rose production has risen dramatically over the last eight years--2004 showing the biggest production level since CIVB began compiling statistics in 1948.
Following these cancellations, the CNIV and CIVB lodged a complaint against France with the European Commission for violation of EU law, notably article 59 of the Treaty on the free provision of services.
(NASDAQ: CIVB) has announced the addition of bank board member
(NASDAQ: CIVB) and Indiana, US-based United Community Bancorp (NASDAQ: UCBA) have approved the proposed merger of United Community into Civista, the companies said.
To get their message across, the Council for Bordeaux Wines (CIVB) is promoting "100 Everyday Bordeaux".
Christian Delpeuch, the president of the Bordeaux industry group, Conseil Interprofessionel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), said the aim is to reach consumers who think of all Bordeaux as "expensive wine."
(NASDAQ: CIVB) has said that it has appointed Harry Singer to its board of directors.