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CIVECivil and Environmental Engineering (Oklahoma State University)
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13) Okin, Women in Western Political Thought, 198-199: "In De Cive and Leviathan, after a certain amount of lip service has been paid to the idea that the mother or father might logically be the family's sovereign, toward the end of the pertinent chapter of each of these works--though he has provided no reasonable foundation for it at all--Hobbes proceeds to present the family as a strictly and solely patriarchal institution.
En el contexto de la reflexion teologico racional de De Cive, el insigne pensador de Malmesbury expuso sumariamente su teoria de las atribuciones de lo Divino, el cual es un existente.
In De Cive, Hobbes was convinced that reason can show us truth; in Leviathan he concluded that reason is only a small power if unaided by rhetoric.
Por ejemplo, la primera ley dice: hay gire buscar la paz donde pueda darse; y donde no, buscar ayudas para la guerra (De Cive [1999], 23).
In the preface to De Cive he remarks that it is "by experience known to all men and denied by none" that "every man will distrust and dread each other" and so by natural right "will be forced to make use of the strength he hath, toward the preservation of himself.
The first two chapters of De cive portray the predicament in which Hobbesian individuals find themselves, when each must rely on his or her private judgment to decide whether the acts of others pose a threat and how to respond if they do.
UK citizenship can be withdrawn if it is "condu cive to the public good".
I believe I am here because I am very passionate about my job and I am very committed, I work hard to achieve results and I work in a condu- cive and enabling environment that does not discriminate around gender.
See also De Cive, in Thomas Hobbes, Man and Citizen, ed.
Readers" in the 1647 edition of De Cive, Hobbes offered "a
Al Hobbes del De cive (1642) le intereso medirse con la gran revolucion cientifica de su epoca y plantearse si existen tambien en las sociedades "mecanismos" que pueden explicar su existencia.
She also maintained that 80 per cent of her cive power on her"he said.