CIVLCompositionally Indistinguishable Volume of Lead (bullets)
CIVLComite' International pour un Vietnam Libre (French: International Committee for a Free Vietnam)
CIVLConcept Integration and Verification Laboratory
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Civl; o procedimento sera especial de jurisdicao contenciosa.
Com a substituicao da Introducao de 1917 pela Lei de Introducao ao Codigo Civl de 1942, no artigo 15 desta, foram enumerados os requisitos formais necessarios para o reconhecimento das sentencas estrangeiras.
The program, entitled AoLeading for the Future: The Middle East in a Changing WorldAo, will bring together 55 senior officials from Jordan and other Arab countries, representing the public and private sectors and civl society.
Overall character merchandising in France can be complicated and in the words of a leading commentator in the field, "many rules and laws are involved, such as Intellectual Property (see Intellectual Property Code ...), civil law, right to privacy, unfair competition (which under French law is a special application of the civil liability deriving Articles 1382 and 1383 of the French Civl Code), trademarks, etc.
(1999), On the Economics Consequences of Civl War; Oxfod Economic Papers, pp.
For instance, should two bullets have matching compositions, instead of suggesting they came from the same box of ammunition, an FBI expert can merely testify to an increased probability that the two bullets came from what the committee has called the same "compositionally indistinguishable volume of lead" (CIVL).
A FORMER civl rights activist, snapped in a now world-famous Bloody Sunday photograph, is leading the charge to make Fianna Fail an all-Ireland party.
As we shall see, the nineteenth century civl service escaped radical changes at the hands of the postwar government of Clement Attlee (already seen to be an admirer of the professionalism and neutrality of the service) in the early years of parliamentary Affairs, and then escaped the Fulton Report of 1968, but succumbed to the radicalism (some would say iconoclasm) of the Thatcher-Major years.
The mere fact that conduct could result in criminal liability is not in itself conclusive in determining whether or not civl liable should or should not be exemptible.