CIVMARCivil Mariner
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Conference attendees also assessed the capabilities of CLF ships and their CIVMAR workforces, discussed how Navy reserve teams might be used for contingency situations, and refined existing business continuity plans in the event of communications and data transfer interruptions in the system.
Once again, biomedical maintenance, CIVMAR engineers, and sailor COMREL projects helped restore infrastructure.
The ships themselves are operated by professional civilian mariners (CIVMARs) of the Military Sealift Command (MSC), who provide all of the engineering, navigation, utilities, and maintenance for the vessel.
The Mercy's CIVMARs provided critical engineering skills for the repair of buildings and utilities.
"CIVMARs have been front and center in community relations, which is outstanding," said Tortora.
"We want these people to look at the United States as friends, so for the CIVMARs to lead the charge in organizing and completing these projects has added greatly to the success of the mission," said Greene.
Outside of the classroom, Grapple's CIVMARs play an important role in mission success.
The relationship between the CIVMARs and divers is a close one.
That being resolved, the debate has recently settled on which is better for the program, CIVMARS or military crews.
The Concord civilian mariners (CIVMARS) on board have been invaluable in the training process.
Haynes discussed the MSC's use of Civilian Mariners for Sailors (CivMars).