CIWA-ArClinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol, revised
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Two studies reported as many as 34% and 61% of patients receiving STT never required treatment with BNZDs based on their CIWA-Ar scores, indicating patients in the FSD groups may have been overtreated (Daeppen et al., 2002; Stanley et al., 2007).
Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol-revised (CIWA-Ar) was used to rate the withdrawal syndrome.
Despite the benefits of using the CIWA-Ar, qualitative description of certain alcohol withdrawal symptoms is prone to subjective misinterpretation and can result in falsely elevated scores, excessive benzodiazepine administration, and associated sequelae.
Based on CIWA-Ar protocol, he was given both diazepam and haloperidol for severe alcohol withdrawal symptom control.
The CIWA-Ar was administered by nursing staff prior to the initial PT examination, with the patient obtaining a score of 10 (Table 2).
CIWA-Ar is reliable, brief, uncomplicated, and clinically useful scale that can also be used to monitor response to treatment.
Patients who experience only mild withdrawal symptoms according to the CIWA-Ar (i.e., score below 8 points) do not require pharmacotherapy however, they should be monitored by their physician for potential complications.
--En personas mayores de 18 anos con sindrome de abstinencia alcoholica utilice la escala CIWA-Ar (ver Anexos) como herramienta de ayuda al juicio clinico para clasificar la severidad de la abstinencia a partir de los sintomas e identificar la necesidad de iniciar tratamiento farmacologico.
We assess alcohol withdrawal severity using the CIWA-Ar (see this article at Current
He'll typically use 50-100 mg chlordiazepoxide every 1-2 hours until the patients calm down and show improvement in the CIWA-AR and subjective reports.
Patients lived within 50 miles of the study site, and had an admission blood alcohol level < 0.1 g/dL, a Mini Mental State Examination score of [greater than or equal to] 26, and an admission score on the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment-Alcohol, revised (CIWA-Ar) [greater than or equal to] 10 out of a possible score of 20.