CIWCCentral Indiana Wilderness Club (est. 1982; Indianapolis, IN)
CIWCCalifornia Immigrant Welfare Collaborative
CIWCCloud Ice Water Content (meteorology)
CIWCCoalition and Irregular Warfare Center of Excellence
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The CIWC order, though not banning the employment of children outright, placed serious constraints on hiring them through its wage and hours provisions.
It was effectively weaker than the existing CIWC regulations, and in any case it was declared unconstitutional in 1922.(72)
It seems likely that the CIWC regulations contributed to the declining trend of child labor in the California canneries after 1916.
There is clear evidence that corporate leaders worked closely and cooperatively with the CIWC to formulate, monitor, and enforce the commission's regulations.
Direct testimony from the CIWC and from corporate canners suggests that they shared the belief that the more "progressive" standards of the large corporate canners should be imposed on the industry across the board.