CIWINCritical Infrastructure Warning Information Network
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In connection with EPCIP the idea of Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CIWIN) was being developed.
The Unisys company also carried out a study on establishing CIWIN. A part of the study was to realize interviews regarding CIWIN in all 27 Member States.
The main difference between CIWIN and the existing RAS is the cross-sectoral nature of CIWIN.
CIWIN is part of EPCIP and was planned as an electronic forum engaged with the process of sharing information amongst the Member States of EU and the system of informational technologies for support of protection critical infrastructure.
The main goal of CIWIN was to enable coordination and cooperation regarding information about protection of critical infrastructure on the EU level.
As already mentioned, CIWIN shall be designed as an electronic forum for the CIP related to information exchange.
The following figure shows the proposed structure of CIWIN (the current structure is without RAS).
* Member State Areas, offering each participating Member State the possibility to create its own area in the CIWIN portal,
* CIWIN Executive Area, serving as a strategic coordination and cooperation platform,
The idea of CIWIN appears to be an interesting solution of how to ensure informational support for the critical infrastructure protection field.
Unfortunately, the cardinal problem of CIWIN appears to be the fact that the essential part of the Member States does not identify itself with it.
The main strategic goals in short term period for CIWIN should be consistent removal of duplicate systems for exchanging information amongst Member States and EU.