CIWMBCalifornia Integrated Waste Management Board
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There seems to still be a period when one has the chance to be questioned about required information so it can be validated, but that is because the staff at the CIWMB is truly trying to do its best to work with everyone participating in the payment system.
5 million to initiate full operations and to match the CIWMB loan.
It uses chlorine derivatives, such as chlorine dioxide, that CIWMB says can "still produce toxic chlorinated organic compounds, including chloroform, a known carcinogen.
CIWMB is expected to decide soon whether to recommend the newsprint fee to the California Legislature.
There is a real need to educate drivers about tire maintenance in order to increase vehicle safety and tire performance, as well as to extend the life of the tires and save money on gas," explains Margo Reid Brown, CIWMB Board Chair.
The legislature continues work on SB 50, a bill that "cleans up" some technical matters in the original Electronic Waste Recycling Act, according to the CIWMB e-newsletter.
The CIWMB and DGS have since worked to adopt EPEAT as the State's purchasing standard.
In selecting Fetzer for the WRAP award, the CIWMB noted that Fetzer has reduced material hauled to landfills by 95% since 1990, representing the same amount of garbage that would have been produced by 17,000 homes.
These alarming statistics are a critical reason why RMA is sponsoring the sixth annual National Tire Safety Week, which runs April 22 - 28, in partnership with CIWMB and CHP in California.
Mexico border issues; re-treading; CIWMB grant programs; enforcement training for municipal employees and law enforcement agencies; tire-derived fuel; ground-rubber products; rubberized asphalt; and fire prevention and storage regulations.
In an effort to educate the public, the CIWMB is conducting a two-year campaign on proper tire maintenance in an effort to help motorists be safe, save money and extend the life of tires as well as promote the purchase of tire-derived products and other recycled materials.
This advisory group is a perfect example of public and private organizations working together in the best interest of Californians and the environment," said Margo Reid Brown, Chair of the CIWMB.