CIWMBCalifornia Integrated Waste Management Board
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When the California source happened to be the "ABC National Repair Depot," who is known to repair monitors and TVs received from all over the country, or if you were "Out Source International," shipping in materials from Oregon to its California facility, the staff at the CIWMB began seeing extraordinary claims that just didn't make sense.
to raise $7.5 million to initiate full operations and to match the CIWMB loan.
Even more friendly to the environment, according to CIWMB, is "processed-chlorine free," or PCF, paper that not only rids the bleaching process of both chlorine and chlorine derivatives, but can also have up to 100 percent recycled content.
Dorais sent letters to CIWMB members, asserting that the fee would amount to a "dangerously burdensome" $1.537 billion in new annual costs to the newspaper industry.
CIWMB has stated that the major aims of the fee are to fund development of new markets for recycled products and to pay for added landfill costs.
Rosario Marin and Rosalie Mule have been appointed to the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), Sacramento.
The staff of the California Integrated Waste Board (CIWMB) and Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) did an honorable job of working with hundreds of biased recyclers to come up with as agreeable a definition as they could get from "the experts.
"We worked with the CIWMB for some time on this project.
The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) has informed sellers of electronic devices that the implementation date for the collection of California's Electronic Waste Recycling fee has been postponed until Nov.
MARCH 10-11 5th Annual Recycled Product Trade Show, Sacramento, Calif., Buy Recycled Section/ CIWMB, buyrecycled/
MARCH 10-11 5th Annual Recycled Product Trade Show, Sacramento, Calif., Buy Recycled Section (916) 341-6481