CIWSClose-In Weapon System (US Navy)
CIWSCanadian Injured Workers Society
CIWSCenter for Integrated Watershed Studies (Binghamton University)
CIWSCommunity Information and Warning System (Australia)
CIWSChildren's International Wildlife Sanctuary (Saratoga, NY)
CIWSCompliance Information Web Submission (EPA)
CIWSChelan Interagency Weather System (Wenatchee, WA)
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The contract will update all 21 Phalanx CIWS and provide engineering services, project management, support and disposal services, as well as the procurement of spares and test equipment.
A CIWS is intended to spot and neutralize short-range hostile missiles or aircraft, according to the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.
(36) Second, in terms of medium-range proximity, an integrated air- and missile-defense system could use a Phalanx CIWS to autonomously shoot down a passing missile targeting a friendly ship over the horizon.
However, there is considerable variety among CIWS, both in terms of the systems themselves and the threats they counter, and the line between them and some other gun systems can easily become blurred.
Type of scoring procedures (WW, WSC, CWS, and CIWS) and subtests (Spelling, Writing Fluency, and Writing Samples) represented within-subjects factors for CBM-W and WJ III, respectively.
For more information, see "USA 20 Mm Phalanx Close-in Weapon System (CIWS),", June 16, 2010, available at <>.
Consequently such designs may have common baseline weaponry such as a medium calibre gun, remotely operated small calibre guns, a gun and missile CIWS, and possibly ASW rocket launchers.
FAC is equipped with type 347 fire-control radar, a 30mm forward mounted gun, two 12.7mm machine guns, and an AK-630 close-in-weapons system (CIWS).
Navy tested one of its top developments in high-tech weapon technology: the Phalanx CIWS. Nicknamed the R2D2 for its resemblance to the famed Star Wars robot , it is a gatling gun (a large machine gun) designed " for defense against anti-ship missiles ," according to DoD Live-a U.S.
Phalanx Close In Weapons Systems (CIWS), provides a last-ditch defense against anti-ship missiles and aircraft.