CIZPCeska Inspekce Zivotniho Prostredi (Czech: Czech Environmental Inspectorate)
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The Environment Inspectorate (CIZP) has threatened BAU 24 with a fine of 10 million crowns (some 350 000 ), whilst the town's mayor, Vlasta Stankova, has filed a complaint against the company.
The Czech Environment Inspectorate (CIZP) indicated on January 30 that a cyanide leak into the Elbe in the Czech Republic, which caused the death of more than 10 tonnes of fish at the beginning of January, highlighted shortcomings in control systems at the chemicals plant responsible for the pollution.
As a result of the Vltava diluting the waters of the Elbe, cyanide levels were only slightly exceeded at the frontier with neighbouring Germany, according to CIZP deputy Director Hynek Benes, who is confident the incident will not affect bathing areas in the Elbe or sources of drinking water close to the river.