CJACCivil Justice Association of California (est. 1979)
CJACCriminal Justice Advisory Committee (various locations)
CJACCriminal Justice Advisory Council (Salt Lake City, UT)
CJACCôte de Jade Athlétic Club (French: Jade Coast Athletic Club)
CJACCentral Jersey Aquatic Club (New Jersey)
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Article 1 of the CJAC treaty defines the community legal corpus to include the Cartagena Agreement and its protocols; the Treaty Establishing the Tribunal of Justice; the decisions of the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers and the Commission of the Andean Community; resolutions of the General Secretariat; and agreements entered into by Member States in the context of Andean integration.
The CJAC settles any dispute that may arise from any action relating to regional norms.
In 1996, the Cochabamba Protocol reinforced the authority of the CJAC. Since then, private litigants can apply directly to the CJAC if they disagree with the Secretariat's deposition of a complaint.
CJAC's membership is comprised of one judge for each member state.
After the CJEU and the European Court of Human Rights, the CJAC is the third most active international court.
The CJAC's workload relating to human rights has increased noticeably since 2003, one year after the Andean Council of Presidents adopted the Charter of Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.
In relation to questions on human rights handled by the CJAC, Mendoza has identified five sample cases (Vargas Mendoza 2010).
Among CJAC's--first and wisest steps--was to begin collecting comprehensive data about all inmates at the county's 2,300 bed jail.
Fleming says that CJAC learned that, according to a 1998 CMS rule, when inmates otherwise eligible for Medicaid benefits are taken to hospitals for inpatient care of 24 hours or more, they were no longer considered "inmates" and that Medicaid would pay their inpatient care expenses.
Fleming added that the Medicaid knowledge he had gained as director of substance use services was knowledge that others in the CJAC, like the sheriff, didn't have.
CJAC is referring to two new proposals--SB 174 and AB 581--as "Sue Your Boss" bills.
According to CJAC, "allowing private attorney generals to 'deputize' themselves and sue instead of seeking redress from the state labor agency will once again lead to excessive and costly litigation."