CJACCivil Justice Association of California (est. 1979)
CJACCriminal Justice Advisory Committee (various locations)
CJACCriminal Justice Advisory Council (Salt Lake City, UT)
CJACCôte de Jade Athlétic Club (French: Jade Coast Athletic Club)
CJACCentral Jersey Aquatic Club (New Jersey)
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Article 1 of the CJAC treaty defines the community legal corpus to include the Cartagena Agreement and its protocols; the Treaty Establishing the Tribunal of Justice; the decisions of the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers and the Commission of the Andean Community; resolutions of the General Secretariat; and agreements entered into by Member States in the context of Andean integration.
The CJAC settles any dispute that may arise from any action relating to regional norms.
Since then, private litigants can apply directly to the CJAC if they disagree with the Secretariat's deposition of a complaint.
According to Articles 7 and 9 of the CJAC Treaty, judges must be nationals of a member country, be of high moral character and either fulfil the conditions for exercising the highest judicial office in their countries of origin or be jurists of recognized competence and probity.
After the CJEU and the European Court of Human Rights, the CJAC is the third most active international court.
In 2003, regarding the health registers of the product Vintix Coated Tablet, the Council of State of Colombia requested a preliminary ruling from the CJAC on the provisions enshrined in Articles 78 and 79 of Decision 344 of the Andean Commission (Process 37-IP-2003).
For the CJAC, the Colombian state was in non-compliance with its obligations because Decree 2085 was not compatible with community law, public health or the integration process' aim of progressively seeking to meet the basic needs of the people of the Andean region (Proceso 114-AI-2004).
In the preliminary ruling involving the Colombian state and a pharmaceutical brand company, the CJAC ruled that the registration standards of a trademark covering pharmaceutical products for non-human use (such as products for veterinary purposes) must be extremely rigorous in order to avoid any risk to human health, animals or plants.
Fleming added that the Medicaid knowledge he had gained as director of substance use services was knowledge that others in the CJAC, like the sheriff, didn't have.
Unlike most contribution tracking, CJAC reviews campaign records to calculate donations by individuals, not just political action committees.
Founded in 1979, CJAC is the only statewide association dedicated solely to improving California's civil liability system.
According to CJAC, "allowing private attorney generals to 'deputize' themselves and sue instead of seeking redress from the state labor agency will once again lead to excessive and costly litigation.