CJAPCarpenters' Joint Apprenticeship Program (St. Louis, MO)
CJAPCanadian Journal of Applied Physiology
CJAPCriminal Justice Agency Profile Report (compensation tool)
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The CJAP has taken a proactive approach that follows Manpower's recommendation that, "Employers, skilled trades associations, governments and educators should partner in this effort, making sure to acknowledge the velocity of change and the impact of technology on particular job categories" (2010.
The CJAP has partnered with the Home Builders Institute (HBI), which is the workforce development arm of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), in weatherization skills as well as green (PACT) certifications.
As noted earlier, under the guidance of Gaal, the CJAP was also involved in a pilot eLearning or online training initiative that satisfies the distance learning feature of the updated registered apprenticeship regulations.