CJASCopenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (Denmark)
CJASCanadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (Administrative Sciences Association of Canada)
CJASCornell Japanese Animation Society
CJASColumbia Journal of American Studies (Columbia University; New York, NY)
CJASCanadian Journal of African Studies (Canadian Association of African Studies)
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All Canadian taxpayers should ask why tax deductions are given for the $13.7 million UJA Toronto, $3.8 million CJA MontrA[c]al,(https://ar2017.jewishvancouver.com/) $1.2 million CJA Vancouver, etc.
One of the five "Faces of Success" in a CJA booklet promoting MontrA[c]al Jewish schools is a man named(https://www.federationcja.org/media/mediaContent/Schools-e2.pdf) Oliver Moore, a graduate of McGill Law who works with the notoriously right wing NGO Monitor in Jerusalem.
(48) The funding increase went "primarily" to back pay for CJAs, who were not paid between mid-September and mid-October.
The furloughs, layoffs, time-consuming appointments of CJAs and delays in providing funding to them, and cuts to the courts themselves are all reasons that should count against the government in determining whether the right to speedy trial has been violated.
The catalyst for Westwood CJAs decision in Re Civilian Casualty Court Martial was a set of three objections made by the accused to the charges preferred against them.
(4) The accused were to be tried by court martial, with Chief Judge Advocate ('CJA') Major General (then Brigadier) Ian Westwood appointed as judge advocate.
(15) Besides CNAS (National Health Insurance Agency) / CJAS (County Department of Health Insurance System), there are two parallel health special funds, relics of former socialist health systems: the House of Health in Transport (which includes employees of public transport, mainly railways) and House of Health, Law and Order, which includes employees in the sectors of defense, police justice.
The hospital drugs were purchased by auction, and paid with money from CJAS. Creating a National Program for the purchase of drugs has been considered in the ambulatory care sector, different sets of rules.
The Phoenix SJA and RCAC CJAs essentially provide advice and counsel to the U.S.
In addition to the many roles of the RCAC CJA's, they also assist with the application of non-judicial punishment under the AUCMJ by the commanders at the corps and subordinate ANA units.
In addition, a strong editorial hand would have avoided a situation in which the lengthy abstract and the introduction to the book are virtually the same, and would also helped eliminate statements such as 'as the case studies in this specal [sic] issue of CJAS demonstrates' (p.