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CJCCanadian Jewish Congress (Congrès Juif Canadien)
CJCCanadian Journal of Chemistry (est. 1929)
CJCCanberra Japan Club (est. 1997)
CJCCanadian Journal of Communication
CJCCentral Johannesburg College (South Africa)
CJCConsole Jabber Client
CJCCriminal Justice Commission (Queensland, Australia)
CJCCanadian Judicial Council
CJCCriminal Justice Center
CJCCommission on Judicial Conduct
CJCChicago Jobs Council
CJCCommunity Justice Center (various locations)
CJCConfédération des Jeunes Chercheurs (French: Confederation of Young Researchers)
CJCCamberley Judo Club (martial arts; UK)
CJCCrime and Justice Commission (Trinidad and Tobago)
CJCCollectif Jeune Cinéma (French film association)
CJCCatholic Junior College (Singapore)
CJCCowboy Joe Club (University of Wyoming)
CJCChief Justice of Canada
CJCClinton Junior College (South Carolina)
CJCColegio Jacques Cousteau (school)
CJCCal Japan Club (University of California, Berkeley)
CJCCoalition for Jubilee Clemency
CJCCodex Juris Canonici (Latin: Codex of the Canon Law)
CJCCold Junction Compensator (used with thermocouples)
CJCContact Juggling Convention
CJCCertified Junior Culinarian (American Culinary Federation)
CJCCanadian Joint Council
CJCColchester Judo Club (martial arts; UK)
CJCCommonwealth Judo Championship (martial arts)
CJCCollege of Journalism and Communication
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In one internal file CJC officials say only part of the B'nai B'rith-UCC agreement was published (a similar agreement is thought to have been made between the UCC and CJC and/or Canadian Council of Churches).
The Dole-NCR eventually found that the CJC contractuals were victims of underpayment of wages and nonpayment of statutory benefits.
This is under normal operating conditions without CJC filtration.
The investment capital was used by CJC to upgrade its operational systems, and recruit and train the staff needed to deliver its business plan.
through its subsidiary Horizon Resources Co (a Cayman Islands company), acquired all of the issued and outstanding equity securities of CJC Hong Kong Ltd.
Through the acquisition of CJC Hong Kong Limited and its two wholly-owned foreign entities, Axiom now owns the assets in Xiaojin County, Sichuan Province, China, including an operational 44 MW hydropower electric generation station, and a 22 MW hydropower electric generation station, which is under construction.
CJC Development Advisors is uniquely qualified with experience to navigate all of the intertwining issues that impact development projects.
To address the problem, the mine tested CJC Heavy Duty HD HDU 15/12 oil filters with CJC BG 15/12 filter inserts.
As Camp is a federally-appointed judge, even if the CJC finds he has breached the standard of good behaviour, only Parliament can remove him.
"I have submitted a briefer on the violations of labor laws, detailing possible documentary evidence to support probable cause for the institution of criminal action against Kentex Manufacturing Corporation and CJC Manpower Services," Baldoz said.
The module provides two integrated cold junction compensation (CJC) sensors for thermocouple measurements and built-in current excitation sources for resistive sensor measurement.
The monthly Canadian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) is announcing a new Best Paper Award to recognize the top submission published by a scientist residing in Canada.