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CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (US DoD)
CJCSCummings Jewish Centre for Seniors (Canada)
CJCSCenter for Jewish Community Studies (Baltimore, MD)
CJCSCriminal Justice and Court Services Act (UK)
CJCSCathedral and John Connon School
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Both, the secretary and the CJCS, acknowledged Pakistan Army's contributions in the war against terrorism.
To this point, CJCS Gen Joe Dunford, USMC, said: "The pace of our bombing is driven by the pace of operations of our partners...." (12) This logic demands USAF officers have a basic grasp of joint warfare and how their actions tie into the ground scheme maneuver of partners.
CJCSI 3170.01I (CJCS, 2015a) requires a post-AoA review of AoA results and other engineering analysis before Milestone A.
Finally, some call for the active duty stewards of the profession, the CJCS and the service chiefs, to weigh in and try to influence the behavior of the high-ranking influencers as Adm Mike Mullen did when he admonished retired flag officers from endorsing presidential candidates when he was CJCS.
This article will consider how CJCs in the USA and community courts in the UK can address youth crime and deviance, in the framework of social capital and desistance theory to explore the individual and social factors which put young people at risk of offending or re-offending (Home Office, 2006).
Second, it increased the powers and authority of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).
Desde una optica militar, estas campanas han vuelto a demostrar la imbatibilidad de Estados Unidos en el terreno convencional y revelado la brecha de capacidades que todavia existe entre el pais y cualquiera de sus posibles competidores (CJCS 2012; OSD 2012; DoD 2014).
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) established the Chairman's Readiness System to accomplish the secretary of defense's mandate to "measure the preparedness of our military to achieve objectives as outlined in the National Military Strategy." Units use the Global Status of Resources and Training System (GSORTS) and DRRS to capture data and report readiness.
outside of DoD controlled airspace requires CJCS notification.
(80) The SECDEF then delegated this authority to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), who further delegated the authority to CCDRs.
into the President's August 1991 NSS and CJCS's January 1992
Joint training, joint exercise, or other military education determined by the CJCS to provide expertise in "joint matters."