CJCSIChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
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Unlike joint interoperability certification, which has a single process owner and single tester (although a recent change to the CJCSI 6212 permits testing within the components for designated programs), IA has many owners and many testers.
The ICD captures "well-framed functional analysis" previously described in CJCSI 3170 and can include time as a basis for evaluation.
The answer to this question comes straight from CJCSI 6212.
Central Command (CENTCOM) has extensive guidance on and experience with law of war reporting, and CENTCOM regulations generally reflect the same attention to detail and compliance with the DoD Directive and CJCSI as other combatant commands.
In the case of agreements and arrangements under item (g) in the preceding sentence, the procedures set forth in CJCSI 2300.
However, when made a part of an acquisition program, the statement of requirements will be consistent with the new CJCSI 3170.
Once approved, JP 1 will be updated in accordance with CJCSI 5120.
Until a new version of the CJCSI is available, judge advocates are encouraged to carefully apply the law of war, speak precisely, and actively engage their technical channels.
14) The CJCSI, however, also emphasizes the essential criteria of an international agreement when it states "the operative requirement is whether the agreement signifies intention of the parties to be bound in international law.
By providing education to meet the standards and joint training objectives outlined in CJCSI 1800.