CJECollège Jean-Eudes (Canadian private school)
CjeCampylobacter Jejuni
CJEContrat Jeunes en Entreprise (French: Youth Contract Company)
CJECounty Judge Executive (Kentucky)
CJECritical Job Element
CJEClub Junior-Entreprises (French: Junior Enterprise Club)
CJECercle des Jeunes Entrepreneurs (French: Circle of Young Entrepreneurs)
CJEClub Jeep de l'Est (French: Jeep Club East; Canada)
CJECanadian Journal of Education
CJECouncil for Jewish Elderly
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Define a new identity for CJE which establishes it as a relevant and provocative vehicle for informed debate about important issues of national concern in education
Ms Katharine Kim, Chief Executive Officer, CJE, said: "Our relationship with MDA and Bang Singapore continues to grow, develop and bring success, and we are pleased to welcome aboard our new partner AMTC for this venture.
To test Hypotheses 1 and 2, two hierarchical moderated regression analyses (Aiken and West, 1991) were conducted, the first using OJE as the dependent variable and the second using CJE as the dependent variable.
Keeping Posted magazine was initially established in 1955 as a public relations tool for the CJE.
There were the varied activities of the socialist economists and, later, of the members of the CSPE and contributors to the CJE, all of whom touted the traditions of Karl Marx, Kalecki and Keynes, but did not mention Post Keynesianism.
Taking account of the fact that the CJE has an acceptance rate of around 25% and that the median paper has two authors and two referees, this implies that an author of an accepted paper would, on average, referee two or three papers for the Journal.
Los actores supranacionales, tales como la Comision y la CJE, han satisfecho esas demandas construyendo estrategias y capacidades basadas en la funcionalidad de politicas particulares, normalmente sin debates publicos acerca de los impactos en los estados miembros.
Toutefois, ce type d'intervention n'est pas explicite dans le mandat de leur organisme et aucune action precise ne semble avoir ete entreprise dans l'un ou l'autre des organismes ayant participe a la recherche ou dans le Reseau des CJE du Quebec associe au projet de recherche.
Awouters F, Niemegeers CJE, Van den Berk J, Van Nueten JM, Lenaerts FM, Burgers M, Schellekens KHL, Broeckaert A, De Cree J, Janssen PAJ (1977) Oxatomide, a new orally active drug which inhibits both the release and the effects of allergic mediators.
CJE provides administrative management technical assistance, consulting services and training to health care providers, government agencies and commercial businesses across the United Stares.