CJFECanadian Journalists for Free Expression
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A challenge to Bill C-51, initiated jointly in July 2015 by the CCLA and CJFE, (116) covers a great deal of legal ground in attacking five separate aspects of the omnibus statute.
Taking issue with the breadth of the SCISA information-sharing powers, the CCLA and CJFE claim that the "invasive state archiving and information sharing" between government departments will "chill" and "deter legitimate expression." (122) Such "secret" intelligence activity is portrayed in a manner evoking Bentham's Panopticon, as those under observation cannot "determine (or challenge in any meaningful way) how their activities and conduct have been ...
(118) Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Media Release, "CCLA & CJFE Mounting Charter Challenge Against Bill C-51" (21 July 2015), online: <https://ccla.org/ccla-and-cjfe-mounting-charter-challenge-against-bill-c-51>.
The CCLA and CJFE argue that this concept is "overly vague, broad and imprecise" and that, consequently, it exerts a "chilling effect on freedom of expression and association, even if no prosecution is ever brought": ibid at paras 26-27.
CJFE Executive Director Tom Henheffer said in an email interview that libel chill has intensified because "newsrooms have fewer and fewer resources, meaning they have less money for lawyers and as such are less likely to run a story if it could result in a potential lawsuit.
Ontario has anti-SLAPP legislation (CJFE, along with Greenpeace and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, pushed the government for changes) as well as Quebec, and activists are lobbying New Brunswick for protections.
Bob Carty is a documentary producer and board member of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE).
While publication bans are implemented in part to assist in the guarantee of a fair trial under Charter s 11(d), the role of social media cannot be overlooked (CJFE).
Allama Tahir-Ul-Qadri is a frequent visitor to Canada, CJFE said.
"That this attack happened here in Canada is of great concern to us," said CJFE Executive Director Anne Game.
Wednesday, the vice principal of the school his three children attend asked him to keep them at home, saying they may be a security risk, CJFE reported.